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"We founded Pets with Passports to follow our dream of owning our own business and to wake up knowing that we are helping our clients keep their families (pets are family!) together and safe."

— Sarah & Elaine

The Pets with Passports Family

Hello! We are Sarah Smith and Elaine Haygood—we're the founders, co-owners, and sole operators of Pets with Passports. We started this company because as pet lovers ourselves, we are passionate about the care of animals during their transport, as well as the important act of reuniting families during what can be a very stressful time. We know that you have options in your pet transport needs, and we would be thrilled to chat with you about how we can make this process easier, more efficient, and as gentle as possible for your pets.

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Sarah Smith

Sarah was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She decided to move south after graduating college and was fed up with the cold winters. Austin has felt like home ever since—especially after she got her Goldendoodle, Reba. She loves forming relationships with her clients and many of her clients have come to her for help with multiple moves.

Fun facts about Sarah:

  • She has shipped (via United Cargo) Reba to and from Michigan, so she knows exactly what her clients are going through!

  • Sarah has an unhealthy habit of shopping at Marshalls. If you have purchased a crate from Pets with Passports, the odds are high that Sarah bought your crate pad at Marshalls.

  • Sarah loves pasta with every fiber of her being and is a pretty good cook herself.

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Elaine Haygood

Elaine grew up a "military brat" and made nine moves in her first 18 years—including three tours in Europe. She finally decided to make Austin her home after attending the University of Texas at Austin and has been here for 16 years. Elaine fell in love with moving pets because there is no better feeling than reuniting families—the more challenging the move, the better! 

Fun facts about Elaine:

  • She's never met a taco she didn't love - especially breakfast tacos!

  • She is a die hard Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Blackhawks fan.

  • She helped move her family dog to the UK in the early 1990s and he had to be quarantined for six months (luckily, dogs no longer have to endure this). 

Our Team



Reba the Goldendoodle (AKA Reba Roo, AKA Muppet) is Pets with Passport's resident face licker, thunder buddy, and muddy puddle jumper. While Reba turned 9 in 2020, her nickname is Benjamin Buttons. She hasn't lost any of her "puppiness", is constantly annoying her younger friends with her playful energy, and Sarah is convinced she's aging backward and she will obviously live forever. 

Freddie & Stevie


Freddie the all-black German Shepherd and Stevie his little Dutch Shepherd brother are both Search and Rescue washout dogs. For them both, BALL IS LIFE! Stevie is a great dock diver and Freddie does scent work with his mom when it is too hot in the summer to play outside. While they might look intimidating, they are both great cuddlers!

Some Favorite Pets with Passports Moments!

Get in Touch with Pets with Passports

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