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The world is their oyster, too.

Worldwide moving for every member of your family.

Say "hi" to Freddie. 

Elaine's dog.


International Pet Transport

Moving internationally is already a large undertaking, but adding pets to the process can seem completely daunting. Pets with Passports works with your family to create a tailored pet transport package that can include any or all of the following international animal moving considerations:

  • Navigating specific country import rules and regulations

  • Instructions for measuring your pet for the perfect travel crate

  • Working hand-in-hand with your vet regarding your pet's health requirements

  • Step-by-step instructions for your destination's import requirements

  • Securing necessary import/export permits* 

  • Quarantine booking, delivery, and all quarantine fees*

  • Assisting with breed specific requirements (CITES, exotics, small mammals, fish, horses)

  • Country notification prior to arrival 

  • Flight booking on preferred pet friendly airlines

  • Consulting with your vet regarding final Health Certificate

  • Documentation review post-final vet visit

  • USDA (and consular) endorsements on all paperwork as needed

  • Ground transportation to the airport or “Meet and Greet”

  • Airline check-in

  • Flight tracking and updates while your pet is in the air

  • Customs clearance at destination

  • Delivery to your new home and picture of your reunited family

* if applicable 

Did you know?

We know you want to stay close to your pet, but sometimes we recommend owners NOT be on the same flight as their animals. Learn more about day-of travel recommendations for both you and your pets on our blog! 

Ask us about our military discount!

Words cannot describe the joy in his eyes, the moment Charlie finally was reunited with our family in Germany.  Charlie looked so happy and well taken care of, as if he had just come back from a walk in the park.

— Charlie's Dad

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Learn more about the varied requirements of international pet moving on our blog:

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