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Ground transportation for animals, big and small. 

Pet Ground Transport

Pets with Passports understands that airline travel is not always the best for all pets (or even possible). Our ground transportation services help get your pet safely to their next destination in a secure and efficient manner.

There are many reasons why animal transport by air might not be the right choice for your pet. Some animal species, breeds, sizes, and some locations are restricted from airline transportation completely. For example, all domestic airlines have banned travel for snub-noses breeds (Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, Pugs, etc.) and many airlines have temperature restrictions during summer and winter months.


Medical needs can also prevent your pet from flying. These could include old age, the need for medication at specific times, heart/kidney disease, and severe anxiety. 

Pets with Passports' ground transport services make sure that no matter where within the continental U.S. your pet needs a ride to, no matter their size, shape, breed, or age—they get there in an efficient and safe manner. 

Ask us about our military discount!

Sarah and Elaine took the stress out of driving our "old man" English bulldog, Elvis, from Dallas to El Paso when we were not able to because of our schedules. They sent us lots of pictures along the way and never once complained about his snoring in the back seat!

— Elvis' Mom

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