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A Letter from New Zealand

Hi Dear Friend!!!

Sorry to take so long to write back - was waiting for a sunny day to take some good pictures of Selena!

Everyone is settling in well! The quarantine time flew by - we had so many things to get done here. Auckland Quarantine was wonderful. They communicate quickly and are super friendly in person. Plus, they post pictures on Facebook daily!

It takes a long time to find a rental property in NZ that will allow dogs, but we finally found the perfect little craftsman house! Selena misses the squirrels, but has plenty of cats to chase!

Thank you again for being THE BEST! Our relocation company reached out to me to learn more about working with you. They have a client moving from the US to NZ soon. I of course highly recommended y’all! Hope you’re ready for another NZ move!

Here are a few pictures of the princesa, including one of her sleeping on her KiwiWool bed - yes, stuffed with wool!

Thank you again, Sarah, you are our everything for getting "our everything" home to us here in New Zealand.

Have a great week!



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