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Axel's move to South Africa

Your Name: Ursela

Pet's Name: Axel

Pet's Type and Breed: Dog, Mutt :)

Moving From: Houston, TX USA

Moving To: South Africa

Why did you decide to hire a professional pet moving service? Seeing that the process of importing a dog into South Africa is so complex, I knew I needed professional help!

How did you hear about PWP and why did you pick PWP to help with the move? I was referred to PWP by Yolanda from PetPort in South Africa.

How would you explain our process to someone who is thinking of using our services? Sarah was quick to reply to my email requesting a quote and advice! She explained the process to me step by step. I then received a quote and a breakdown of the process required to import dogs into SA. It was simple but very informative. Sarah was very thorough and answered all my questions and concerns.

What did you appreciate most about working with Sarah? I knew I could count on Sarah for always getting back to me and keeping me updated with regards to the process and any changes/developments. Sarah always kept me calm during the stressful times and no question/concern is silly or overlooked! She puts your pet's needs first! She has lots of knowledge with pet moving and her confidence made me very comfortable using PWP.

What was the biggest surprise you encountered moving your pet(s)? COVID-19 was full of surprises for us! We had so many flight changes last minute. I was so nervous that Alex would be stuck in the US while we had to travel to South Africa. I think Sarah got him out on the very last plane from Houston.

How have your pets adjusted to their move? Is the country/city you moved to considered pet friendly? Axel is so happy to be home! He is healthy and doing really well. He is so grateful PWP got him on his flight!

If someone called you and asked "Why should I hire Pets with Passports" what would you tell them? I would tell them, don't think twice! They are brilliant at what they do and their passion for your pet is what sets them apart! They truly care!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience? Overall we had a wonderful experience with Sarah and Elaine! They are passionate about their business and

always keep you in the loop. I knew Axel was always safe and in good care with them!

What was the biggest benefit of using a professional pet moving service? They were able to handle all the tricky and complex requirements that SA had with importing dogs. And they figured out his flight when COVID was shutting all the airlines down.

(Axel finally in South Africa, driving home with his family)


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