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Moving Cats, a Dog, and a Parrot to Italy

Your Name: James and Karen Barsch

Pets’ Name: Mona, Luna, Poppy, Aja

Pets’ Breed: Deer-head Chihuahua 13 yrs, Half Moon Conure Parrot 12 yrs, Domestic Long Hair cat 6 yrs, Lynx Point cat 6 yrs.

Moving From: Texas USA

Moving To: Italy

How many times have you moved with your pets before? We have moved several times within the USA but this was our first move abroad for everyone. Are they experienced travelers, or was this their first time? This was the pets' first time being transported by air and a journey taking more than one day.

What were your big concerns with moving your pets? Our biggest concerns were that they were comfortable, safe, and well cared for in our absence while being transported by air and handled by so many people they did not know in unfamiliar surroundings.

What made you decide to hire a professional pet mover? How did you hear about Pets with Passports?

Our decision to hire a professional was driven by the number of pets we were moving, the amount of documentation required, and the challenges of getting everyone through customs in a foreign country, especially our bird Luna. When it became clear we could not accomplish this on our own we began researching online for pet relocation services.

Why did you decide to hire Pets with Passports? We had interviewed several pet relocation services, and they all seemed capable, but after speaking with Elaine at Pets with Passports we could feel the passion she has for what she does, the love she has for animals, and the commitment and experience it would require to coordinate and to transport our family of pets from our home in Texas to our home in Italy.

How was your communication with Pets with Passports before your move and during your pets’ move?

Elaine did an excellent job of keeping up to date with how things were progressing, and what would be required of us as pet owners. She always made herself available to answer any questions we had. On the day of the

move, we were kept up to date on where our pets were and even provided photos of them at each stage of their journey. This extra step by Elaine comforted us through our anxious days without our pet family.

What was the biggest surprise you encountered during your pets’ move? (Airline requirements? Vaccinations? Timing? Something else?) The biggest surprise was the regulation and documentation necessary to transport our captivity born and bred parrot as well as the number of vet visits involved and the tight timeline required for getting it accomplished and submitted prior to departure.

Have your pets adjusted well to their new home after the move? What was the timeline like before they started acting like themselves? We were happy to see our pets recover and adjust within several days of arrival from their marathon overseas journey because as with any air travel there were flight delays for both us and the pets which dragged out our reunion. We attribute this to the excellent care and attention they received from both Pets with Passports and their partners Bliss Pets in Rome. Francesco of Bliss Pets, who was to transport our pets to us, actually kept them all in his home overnight before he was able to leave Rome and deliver them to us the next day.

Is there anything else you think future Pets with Passports’ clients should know before moving their pets?

Begin planning your pets' move well in advance of your move date, be prepared for unexpected occurrences, and select Pets with Passports as your relocating service.


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